A New People Sim Game!

Create a character that's a "little like" yourself, and help them live a simulated life in a world populated by characters created by other players!

You can play right now!

Dress Up

Choose from a wide variety of outfits and styles to make a character a Little Like yourself.


Decorate lots of your own Apartments before you unlock a Mansion of your own.

Go Out

Go out and socialize with characters created by other players.

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Customize Your Character

Customize your character with different hair styles, clothing, shoes, accessories and more. Don’t get caught wearing the default outfit! As you earn more Coins, you can upgrade your style and unlock Loyalty Cards. Loyalty Cards give you Loyalty Points that can be redeemed for free Diamonds!

Explore Apartments in the City

After a short stay at Starla’s guest house, you’ll explore your way through apartments on the City Map, decorating each one along the way. Each one has its own unique challenges for decorating, so do your best to earn enough Keys to Move Out to the next apartment.

Every apartment also has a new Public Space, so be sure to Go Out and meet the characters there and see what you can do.

Take Care of Your Mood

Take care of your Mood! A good mood is important for building Skills, socializing with other characters, and doing Side Jobs. Your mood is made of different Needs, including Deco, Joy, Self-Care, Rest, and Health. Buy deco objects to help satisfy each of these needs to stay in a Good mood, then try to buy better deco to get an Awesome mood.

Your character is “autonomous”, meaning that she’ll try to use the right objects on her own, but it’s up to you to help her get the best mood possible.


Decorate with no limits! You can move and rotate deco objects any way that you want - you aren’t limited to a simple grid.

If two deco objects overlap, they’ll automatically move back to the best place, or stash themselves in your list of Owned items to be used later.

Start by buying basic 1 and 2-star Deco to take care of your Mood, then buy better 4 and 5-star Deco when you have more Coins. There are different Deco categories for each of the Needs for your Mood.

Earn Coins from Side Jobs

Need Coins? Complete Side Jobs!

Every apartment has a list of different Side Jobs, and they get more challenging as you progress through the City Map. Easy Side Jobs just need you to have a Good Mood and some Tickets or Social Points. Later Side Jobs will need a Great Mood, Skills, Personalities, and more.

Some Side Jobs have more than one level, and others can be done as many times as you want. And many Side Jobs can only be completed after a certain amount of time - you can use Diamonds to speed this time up.

Harder Side Jobs pay more Coins, and the last Side Job at every apartment will give you Keys so you can Move Out.

Side Jobs can also hurt your Mood. Easy Side Jobs might put you in a Bored Mood, but hard Side Jobs can put you in a very Bad Mood. Keep buying better deco for your apartment to help with your Mood.


You can Socialize with every character you meet. The more you socialize, the more you’ll earn Social Points. You need Social Points to complete most Side Jobs, but you can also use Social Points to unlock Gift Boxes. If you want to earn even more Social Points, you can use Coins upgrade the max amount. You can also use Coins to buy upgrades that let you earn Social Points faster.

Did you know that all of the female characters in the game are actually created by other real players? Who knows who you might meet!

Build Relationships

Socializing is also a great way to build Relationships with other characters. You can start as an Acquaintance and work your way all the way to Best Friend. Look for the special effects around your character when there’s a good relationship. When you socialize with characters that you have a good relationship with, you’ll earn Social Points faster. But beware, relationships decay over time, so be sure to keep socializing.

No time to socialize? Send Gifts to your friends to boost and maintain relationships, even if they aren’t online! They might even send you some gifts back.

Use Emotograms

When you socialize, you can also use Emotograms. Emotograms are ways to express yourself and your feelings, with unique animations and popup phrases. They’re used automatically when they are unlocked, upgraded, and equipped, and will boost the relationship of the character you’re socializing with.

Emotograms can be found in Gift Boxes, which you can unlock for yourself with Social Points or Diamonds, or you can get as gifts from friends. They also have rarity. The rarer the Emotogram, the more it boosts relationships.

Since good relationships earn Social Points faster, you should always have Emotograms equipped and ready to use.

Express Your Personality

What kind of Personality does your character have? You can use Personality Points to upgrade different types of Personality Attributes, which will in turn determine how your character behaves when using objects and when socializing. There is no “best” personality, so upgrade the attributes you like the most.

Every time you use Personality Points to upgrade your personality, you will increase your Personality Level. Some Side Jobs will require a high Personality Level.

Need more Personality Points? Find and upgrade Emotograms - you’ll earn more Personality Points every time you do. You can even reset your Personality with Diamonds.

Earn Skills

Many Side Jobs require Skills. And some Public Spaces have fun objects that you can only use if you have the right Skills.

Buy Skill Deco objects, and put them anywhere in your apartment. But don’t forget - you need to be in a Good Mood to use Skill objects and earn Skills. If you max out a Skill, you can buy an upgrade to increase the max amount.

And every time you earn a Skill, some Diamonds are deposited in the Piggy Bank!

Enjoy Life in

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